Welcome to Poseidon's Realm. A website dedicated to Salt Water fish and reef aquariums.

The Ocean. A world unto its' own. It harbors many mysteries and secrets yet to be discovered. It is an amazing source of life. From the microscopic to the giant blue whale. The colors held under the sea are a spectacle to see. For those who have experienced scuba diving or snorkeled on a tropical island, you have seen but a tiny piece of what the ocean has to offer. We can help you bring part of that amazing environment into your home.

Here at Poseidon's Realm we specialize in Salt Water and Reef aquarium systems. You will find some of the best products for sale to support the hobby and also many informative pages on many different fish and corals. We speak from experience, books, and first hand ownership and maintenance of these items. Shop around the site and take a trip into another world, the world beneath the sea.

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