Dragon Eel
Muraena pardalis
Male Dragon Eel

Identification: This Eel is one that cannot be mistaken for any other. With its bright yellow, orange-red, black and white coloration's, unusual patterns on the body, the sharp pointed head and the distinctive horns above the eyes, it is a one of a kind Eel.

Maximum Length: This Eel will reach an average length of about three feet.

Origin: Indo-Pacific, Hawaii

Minimum tank size: 55 Gallon

Behavior: It is difficult to keep this Eel with other fish, inverts and marine life in your aquarium due to its aggressive nature. It may be best kept in an aggressive species tank community with other larger predatory fish like Triggers, Puffers, Snappers, Groupers and Lions. It is best kept singly, or as a mated pair.

Feeding and diet: The Dragon Eel is a carnivore, and like most Morays it will try to eat anything it can get its mouth around. It is a hunter and prefers to dine on live foods, such as small fish, crabs, shrimps, and squids. In captivity it may be difficult to get this Eel to eat at first, with larger specimens sometimes not eating for several months. Providing a live food sources may help to stimulate its natural feeding instincts. Once adjusted to tank life it may begin to accept strips of fish flesh, such as smelt, haddock, orange roughy, as well as squid, given to them on a feeding stick.

Reef Compatibility:  No.

Cautions: It is an extremely expensive Eel because it is hard to come by, especially the males. Hawaii limits the amount allowed into the hobby trade per year.

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