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Book of Coral Propagation

Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1 Edition 2: Reef Gardening for Aquarists (Hardcover) by Anthony Calfo

Now in its sixth printing, the second edition of this best-selling, pioneer publication is full-format (8.5 X 11) and fully illustrated with nearly 1000 images in a blaze of color! The Book of Coral Propagation is the most comprehensive work on the care, display and cultivation of reef corals at every level of interest. Beginners receive thorough guidance, expert aquarists learn new tricks, and all folks are inspired to contribute with enjoyment to the conservation, keeping, and culture of magnificent reef creatures in educational home aquaria and commercial systems alike. Topics include a thorough and easy to understand explanation of system designs, inspiring displays, no-nonsense setting up, easy water chemistry, feeding, species selection, health and wellness... and finally how to successfully prune and propagate your thriving coral garden! Anthony Calfo's lifetime efforts practicing and mentoring on this subject are legendary. Written in his famously entertaining if not humorous style, this book has been revised to have the most current and comprehensive information among any reference today for reef aquarium hobbyists. The superb photography, heavy photo paper and sewn-case hardcover binding of this reference make it a collectible as well as definitive work. A must-have for reef enthusiasts!


PocketExpert Guide: Marine Invertebrates by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D

500+ Essential-To-Know Aquarium Species

PROFILING SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and bizarre animals that make their way into marine aquariums, this second entry into the bestselling PocketExpert Series covers more than 500 species and groups of special interst to reef aquarists.
  • Written by an invertebrate zoologist and avid marine aquarist More than 500 world-class color identifying photgraphs
  • Includes: Scientifc and Common Names; Maximum Size; Range; Natural Habitat; Lighting; Fooda and Feeding; Reef Aquarium Compatibility; and Captive Care advice
  • Covers: crustaceans (shrimps, crabs lobsters); corals (soft and stony); anemones; echonoderms (crinoids, sea star, brittle stars, urchins, sea cucumbers); mollusks (clams, snails, nudibranchs); sponges; bryozoans; worms; and many others
  • Easy-to-use field guide format
  • 448 pages, softcover.


PocketExpert Guide: Marine Fishes by Scott W. Michael

Here`s a quick but authoritative look at the 500 "need to know" fish species seen and kept by marine aquarists. A must-have reference for all saltwater hobbyists and professionals. Full-color photographs throughout.  Designed as a compact handbook on the fishes most often seen and kept by marine aquarists, this widely acclaimed Pocket Expert is a must-have reference for all saltwater hobbyists and professionals. Softcover, 448 pages.

Corals: A Complete Pet Owner`s Manual by John H. Tullock

 Marine aquarium hobbyists will find a wealth of information on the care and maintenance of coral in this handsome volume. Books in the Complete Pet Owner`s Manuals series include titles presenting basic information about pets for new or soon-to-be owners, as well as detailed information for aquarium enthusiasts and other animal hobbyists. Advice and instruction covers purchase, general care and maintenance, and much more. Texts emphasize the basics and are easy for all readers to understand, but most titles in this series also presents facts that even experienced pet owners and hobbyists will find new and useful. All books in this series are filled with high quality full-color photos and line drawings. 93 Pages, soft cover.

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